Eco Generator

The Eco Generator is a hybrid diesel generator designed for rapid deployment to remote sites or to sites where quite clean, economical power is required.

Hybrid Diesel Machine

The Eco Generator is a hybrid diesel machine that uses photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and batteries coupled with a diesel generator.

Providing Electrical Power

The Eco Generator will provide electrical power to sites while dramatically reducing diesel fuel consumption, refuelling occurrences, noise pollution, machine maintenance and CO2 emissions.

Eco Generator is ideal for applications such as disaster relief, construction sites without access to mains power, military applications, remote Telco sites, pop-up events where quiet power is essential, RFS support services and mining exploration camps.

90% On Average Fuel Reduction

Testing of the machine* at different sites has shown fuel reduction of better than *90% on average, if compared with a standard diesel generator providing power to a given site.

These advantages over standard diesel generation provides the customer with reduced diesel costs and enhances the customers green credentials.

*Testing documentation available upon request

Eco Generator Features

24 kWh Battery Storage
13.2 kVA Diesel Generator
7.5 kW Inverter Continuous Output
3.6 kWp Solar Array
Remote Digital Access
Fully Programmable
Provides WiFi Connectability on Site
90% Reduction in Fuel
Rapid Deployment
Fully Automatic

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