The New Generation In Site Power

The Eco Generator is a hybrid diesel generator designed for rapid deployment to remote sites or to sites where quite clean, economical power is required.

Meet the Eco Generator

The Eco Generator is a hybrid diesel machine that will reduce diesel burn by up to 90%. The machine has been designed and built to operate in harsh environments and provide emergency power that is quiet, clean, economical and environmentally friendly.

Less diesel burn to produce remote electricity results in less refuelling events. Refuelling of traditional diesel generator machines can be time consuming, costly and ties up human resources that could be better utilised especially in disaster relief situations.

The machine is designed to reduce the diesel burn time from 24/7 to perhaps 1 to 2 hours per day depending on site loads.

Eco Generator Applications

The Eco Generator is suitable for Disaster Relief organisations, Telco remote site, mining exploration camps , military command or medical posts, pop-up event and construction sites where environmentally clean power is desirable.

The machine can be rapidly deployed at any given site that has truck access and it will provide electrical power and a local area network for internet data.

The machine arrives to the site and is slid off the back of a tilt tray truck and the wings are opened via a hand held remote control and electrical actuators.

Eco Generator specifications

Models range in size increments of 13 kVA, 17 kVA and 30 kVA of continuous output power. Battery capacities range between 26 kWh and 39 kWh.

Each machine is also fitted with a local area network which allows remote access for data collection and machine perimeter changes. WiFi is available within 50 metres of the machine.

The Eco Generator is designed to be very robust so that harsh conditions are not an issue. The machine is wind rated to more than 200kM per hour which allows for continued operation even during extreme weather events.

See the downloads section for specification details.

90% Fuel Reduction

Better then 90% fuel reduction in test conditions.

Robust Design

Better then 200kWh wind rate. 

Local Area Network

Local area network and WiFi available even in remote location.

Remote data access

The parameters of the machine can be adjusted remotely, or information such as battery state of charge, run times, power usage and fuel levels can be observed via a web application remotely.

Each site electrical load profile is unique and within a few days of operation patterns of load requirements will emerge. The machine operation can be manipulated based on those load patterns to allow for optimised operation. Optimisation will reduce backup fuel burn, battery loading and reduce machine maintenance.

All optimisation can be performed remotely once the machine has been switched on at the site.

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