Engineering Excellence at Eco Generator

Eco Generator is built in Australia by engineers with a passion for excellence in design and construction. From the first concept idea for the machine the target in design was always for a machine that was robust and reliable.

The engineers at Eco Generator have had more then 14 years of design and implementation in the remote area power sector. This has enabled that experience to be built into a reliable, serviceable and rapidly deployed machine.

During the Research and Design process the engineers were constantly asking the question, “how could this be built better and how could this be improved with future iterations in designs?”. After several prototypes we have developed a robust machine second to none in its class.

The quality of the products used to build the machine allow for reliability when the machine is in operation. The products used have been tested in Australia for many years in remote area power situations and we are confident of reliability now in a mobile product.

All installed equipment is the best available within the Australian market and where possible we have used Australian suppliers and manufacturers.

Our vison is to be the major supplier of hybrid diesel machines machines in Australia and New Zealand. Multiple machines across numerous sites providing alternatives to traditional diesel power generation forms an intricate part of our vision for the Eco Generator brand. Continuing to design and build in Australia forms part of the Eco Generator vision for a quality product made with local knowledge.



Our mission is to design and build an excellent product that surpasses client expectations at the initial sale event and onto after sales service. Attention to detail and rigorous testing are paramount to the fulfillment of the the mission.

Engineering Team

Phillip Leslie

Electrical Engineer

Phillip has designed and built remote area power systems since 2009 and is fully accredited with the Clean Energy Council for remote area power, grid connected power and wind energy conversion system.

Phillip began his working life as an electrician and then went on to study engineering in electrical and renewable energy. He has a Graduate Certificate in Engineering from UTS Sydney and is currently studying a Masters of Engineering. He has owned and operated a renewable energy engineering company since 2008.

Phillip first conceived the idea of a rapidly deployed hybrid diesel machine in 2015 but it was not until 2019 that enough technology had converged to make the machine a viable product.

“I would rather build and sell one excellent product than multiple mediocre products.”

Jeroen Janssen Andeweg (JJ)

Mechanical Engineer

JJ has many years of experience as a mechanical engineer, a dedicated professional who excels on innovation and thrives on tackling challenging design projects. He began his studies at the Hanze University at Groningen in the Netherlands, where he laid the foundation for his career. He then studied a Masters of Engineering at UTS, Sydney.

JJ owns and operates a modern mechanical engineering and fabrication workshop located in Smeaton Grange. Renowned for his expertise in designing and building complex mechanical devices, he brings a unique European ethos for excellence in design and construction to every project.

JJ’s guiding principle is simple but profound: “It’s not the colour of your shoes but the quality of the leather that determines how far you can walk”. This commitment to quality and craftsmanship defines his approach to engineering and serves as a testament to the exceptional work he delivers.

With JJ part of the team, Eco Generator benefits from a seasoned Mechanical Engineer who combines years of practical experience, a passion for innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in every endeavour.

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